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money bank

1. It provides a loan intended to consolidate existing financial liabilities. Thanks to the refinancing of loans, the client can only repay one loan instead of several with more favorable terms and, if necessary, increase the new loan. It provides four types of refinancing loans – a loan to refinance a consumer, construction, mortgage, or inter-bank loan.

2. As with other loans, for a refinancing loan, the final interest rate depends on a number of factors, such as the amount drawn, the maturity and the creditworthiness of the applicant.

3. In the case of a loan intended for refinancing of consumer credit, it is up to EUR 25 000, in the case of a mortgage loan up to EUR 300 000, in the case of other types the upper limit is not determined.

4. Yes, the examination of the type of existing financial liabilities to be consolidated is one of the conditions for obtaining a refinancing loan.

5. Within three months, the client must claim the repayment of those loans that are not recorded in the SBCB credit register (note that this is only a small part, so in most cases they do not have to document anything). In the case of refinancing a mortgage loan, the bank requests a confirmation of repayment if the previous loan to be paid out by the new loan is not paid directly by the bank. The client is obliged to pay out the original loans and the period for taxing is determined by the type of product. It is also contractually agreed with the client.

6. In the case of a refinancing consumer loan, the maturity period is also provided for a maximum of 8 years, and the monthly repayment depends on, among other factors, the selected maturity. We also provide interest rates from 5.5% on refinancing loans. The maturity period for mortgage loan refinancing also depends on the client’s age, the majority of which opt for the longest possible period. The repayment amount in this case also depends on the client’s creditworthiness, maturity, and so on. We provide interest rates as low as 1.25% pa for 3-year fixation.




1. It is possible to transfer one commitment or merge multiple obligations from other banks into one. A single loan can also significantly reduce the amount of the installment. Loan consolidation is good to use if the client has eg. disadvantageous credit, took the installment or used credit card credit incorrectly, not only for two or three months.

2. Consolidation and refinancing basically means that you only have to have “clean” credit registers and sufficient income, and the procedure is really simple – just fill in an application on the internet, a trading venue, or by phone. Subsequently, cBank clients enter into a contract in internet banking, or new clients sign it in one of cBank’s branches and the money is available immediately and the client is obliged to pay out and close their old loans within two months.

3. They will lend to the client to repay previous loans to a maximum of EUR 24,000.

4. In the assessment of a client’s application, it does not matter whether it is a loan provided by a bank or a non-bank company. A clear list of companies from which a client can transfer a loan can be found on the first page of our application, when selecting the type of commitment. As a result, we can work together to avoid unpleasant findings during the process, and clients know from the start whether their cBank credit can be transferred.

5. The Client is obliged to repay the loan within two months, but he does not need to prove it. The bank finds out this fact itself and if everything is fine, it does not bother the client anymore.

6. Interest is always transparent and the client can easily find it in advance on our website in a clear table. The client also chooses the maturity period himself. The installment is then calculated on the basis of the client’s choice.


The Plaint Bank


1. A client interested in paying out existing loans has two options to choose from: a client can apply for a consumer refinancing loan called Better Installment. Thanks to Better Installment, the client can combine loans into one and thus can not only save, but also simplify repayment – he will not have to think about paying multiple installments early, paying a single monthly installment. or clients interested in repaying existing loans may also apply for a refinancing mortgage that has multiple benefits compared to consumer credit – it has a lower rate. rate as standard unsecured loans and can be taken for up to 30 years, significantly reducing the monthly payment, leaving the client with more money at the end of the month. However, with this type of loan, it is necessary to take into account the need to guarantee real estate.

2. To obtain a consumer loan or a refinancing mortgage, the same conditions apply as for obtaining other types of loans – the applicant must be an adult, competent for legal acts, must have a regular acceptable income, permanent residence in the Slovak Republic and in the case of a mortgage must have a property that will be based on credit. The client’s creditworthiness and ability to repay the loan, value and quality of security will also be assessed… Whether the applicant is a bank client or not – after fulfilling the conditions we provide loans to both our existing clients and the new ones.

3. The amount of the loan depends on the specific situation – from the amount of loan balances that the client wants to pay, whether he is also interested in a non-purpose part (loan increase), which he will be able to use for anything and from the client’s specific creditworthiness and financial situation. In the case of a mortgage, the value and quality of security also comes into play. In general, we provide consumer credit up to a maximum of 30,000 euros, the amount of the mortgage is essentially unlimited (limited by the maximum security value).

4. There is no difference in the payment of bank or non-bank loans. With a consumer loan or mortgage, a client can pay out loans provided by banks or non-bank companies. It is important that the loans are properly repaid by the client.

5. Yes, the client of the refinancing loan client is obliged to pay out the original loans, is obliged to pay them by signing the loan contract and therefore the client should be ready to prove their payment. Detailed conditions of the obligation depend on the type of loan and the specific situation – the client can fulfill his obligation either by a loan repayment certificate (in the case of a mortgage), but also by a solemn declaration (in the case of a consumer loan). Moreover, the fact that the original loans were paid out can be checked by the bank independently from the client in the Loan Register.

6. The loan parameters are set by default – based on the amount of loans disbursed and any non-purpose part, the total amount of the loan is determined, and then the client decides for the period during which the loan is to be repaid. if he / she is interested in a monthly payment in a specific amount, the maturity is set to meet the client’s ideas. Of course, a specific situation such as the age of the client and his / her financial capacity is always taken into account. The monthly installment is calculated based on the amount of the loan, maturity, interest rate, date of withdrawal and maturity.


Printa Bank

money Bank

1. To refinance previous loans, clients can use the Loan. The client can refinance up to five loans from other banks or non-banks. In the case of refinancing loans, it provides a single interest rate of 5.9% pa for everyone.

2. Any client from the age of 18 with permanent residence in Slovakia can apply for refinancing of their unfavorable loans, which will prove the ability to repay the loan properly and on time. The conditions for granting unfavorable loan refinancing are the same for all clients.

3. Loans can be refinanced up to a total of € 15,000.

4. The client can refinance up to five loans from other banks or non-banks.

5. Yes, the client must claim the repayment of the original loans within seven days.

6. In the case of refinancing loans, we provide a single interest rate of 5.9% pa for everyone. The client can decide for himself how much he wants to repay on a monthly basis and he chooses the amount of the loan and the repayment period that suits him best. The maximum maturity of the loan is 8 years, but the maturity must not exceed the average maturity of the loans.


Slank Bank

money Bank

1. It depends on the specific needs and situation of the client, whether it is a refinancing mortgage or a consumer loan. As a rule, when combining multiple loans into one client, they get better conditions, a lower rate and an installment than several older loans would pay separately. In addition, if it has loans in one bank, it better manages its budget and has a simpler overview. When refinancing a mortgage, the client receives a loan without processing fee, with an advantageous rate of as little as 1.19% a year, a simpler process. In addition, the prepayment fee, if it transfers the loan from another bank itself, will pay it up to 1%. The standard is the equipment of an expert (or accepts the client’s expert opinion if it is not older than 3 years), as well as the equipment and payment of the deposit to the cadastre, thus saving the client time and money – 66 euros. In the case of consumer credit refinancing, the client receives a reward of 20 euros for each refinanced 500 euros loan in another bank or financial institution, while having an attractive interest rate of 4.9% per annum.

2. It assesses each client individually, detects its ability to repay, as well as other information. In the case of a mortgage, the process is somewhat longer as it is a more complex product, but if the client asks for a consumer loan, they can also do so while they wait.

3. They are able to borrow the entire amount to the client in order to pay out previous loans. If he is also interested in borrowing something extra, he can also give him a higher loan if it is based on his ability to repay. In the case of a mortgage, it is important to have the property at a sufficient value to secure a new higher loan.

4. In principle, any loan or loan can be refinanced, unless it is contrary to legislative or contractual terms. For example, consumer loans can usually be paid free of charge, while mortgages are preferable to pay at the end of the agreed fixation period because the client does not pay the fee at that time. On the other hand, the bank will reimburse the client for early repayment in another bank up to 1%, so the transfer of the mortgage may be free of charge.

5. If the loan has not been secured by property or real estate, the refinancing is very simple. Most of the time, a client’s identity card or original loan agreement is sufficient for the client, and most of the information can be obtained by the bank through queries to registers. If the client refinances the mortgage, in addition to the new contracts and the payment of the old debt it is also necessary to transfer the lien in the cadastre. A new bank refinancing a loan may also require a new real estate appraisal, especially if the original is older than a few years. In the case of a mortgage, the bank will pay directly from the new loan liabilities in another bank, or the payment will be checked subsequently – depending on how it is contractually agreed. When refinancing consumer loans, the bank checks the payables, but under the terms of the contract, it can ask the client to show that it has actually paid off the obligation.

6. It is easier for clients to see if a new refinancing loan is a 1: 1 payout of the original commitment. If the client wants a higher loan, so he or she also wants extra money in addition to paying out the previously granted loans, this is the same as conventional financing. It checks whether it has sufficient income and, in the case of a mortgage bank, it is also interested in the value and quality of the property. Interest rates on refinancing are the same or very similar to the new loan, maturity and other conditions are the same. However, the process is somewhat faster and easier, as the client is already repaying some loans. For example, in the case of a mortgage, if the client has an expert opinion of up to 3 years old, he / she does not have to reclaim it, thus speeding up the process considerably.


Tenatro Bank

money Bank

1. Refinancing Loan is suitable for refinancing consumer loans. Within it, it is possible to refinance, in addition to loans, credit cards, overdrafts, leasing and loans from non-bankers. The loan can also be requested from the comfort of your home via the Tenatro bank mobile application. Refinancing digital credit is also available to new clients who identify themselves with Facial Biometrics.

2. The loan is subject to standard approval, ie the bank assesses the ability to repay the loan, as with other loans. The terms of the loan are therefore dependent on the overall assessment of the application.

3. The loan can be drawn up to EUR 30,000. In addition to refinancing other loans, the client may also receive “extra money”.

4. A large proportion of non-bank companies are already involved in the credit register, so credit information is available and there is no problem with their refinancing.

5. One of the contractual terms and conditions is the documenting of the repayment of the loan within 2 months of the granting of the Refinance Loan, respectively. credit card up to 4 months. If the client fails to submit a confirmation of repayment of the obligation in time, the check is made directly in the credit register. If it also finds out that the obligation is registered as an existing one, it calls on the client to correct it.

6. The Client may choose the maturity period according to his preference. The refinancing loan provides a maturity of between 12 and 96 months. The interest rate is determined on the basis of an overall assessment of the ability to repay the loan. The interest rate starts from 5.9% pa and is guaranteed up to 8.9% pa, as well as part of the loans refinanced by another provider, as well as “extra money”.


UnliLoan bank

1. Loans granted can be refinanced with a consumer loan or a home loan.

2. It does not matter whether a refinancing loan applicant is a bank client or not. Acquisition conditions depend on the length of the repayment of the existing loans and the required increase in the existing loan. If the client has so far repaid loans for 18 months without any problems (verified by credit register information) and does not increase them by more than 5% and max. € 2,000, does not need to prove its income. If the applicant requests a higher loan increase, he must prove his income and the bank will verify its ability to repay the loan.

3. For a consumer loan, the maximum limit is 40,000 euros and for a home loan it is 90% of the value of the real estate.

4. Provides loans to refinance loans from both bank and non-bank companies.

5. The client is obliged to repay the loans in the contract and the bank checks compliance with the obligation by requesting credit registers. He does not contact the client until he finds out that he has not repaid the original loans after he has received our loan.

6. As with any new loan, refinancing a loan is possible at any time.


The procedure for refinancing consumer loans

consumer loans

  • Visit a bank branch.
  • You need to know what loans you have – which refinancing could be considered and your bank will verify your credit registers.
  • The banker will calculate a number of ways he might look new – a more advantageous loan for you (that is, saved resources, reduced payments or extra money).
  • If you like any of the scenarios, you will join your smartbanking or internetbanking at your bank and send a pdf statement to the banker’s email. Ideally, from this document, the bank will find out all that is needed, print out the contracts and testimonials of the original loans, sign them, go home, and await confirmation that everything has been done.
  • Sometimes it is a bit more complicated and you have to meet with the banker once again – for example, to get a contract with the original loan that could not be seen sufficiently accurately on the statement (loans from non-bank providers) or proof of income (for example, if you want money extra).